Who we are

We are scientists of a work package under the project Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research (SCCER) “Heat and Electricity Storage” (HaE). As part of our scope, we assess various of energy storage technologies at technology level.

Xiaojin Zhang, scientist on energy storage technology assessment
Adrian Grylka, energy storage technology assessment reviewer
Christian Bauer, scientist on energy storage technology assessment
Jörg Wolitschek, work package leader on energy storage assessment

Why we built this platform

Because we want to reach a broader range of audiences who are interested in energy storages and their up-to-date performance. During our research, we noticed the information available on energy storage in literature and online is vastly diverse. For a better understanding of what role energy storage can play in the energy system of the future and how storage technologies perform and compare with each other, quantitative, transparent and consistent data on their technology characteristic and performance is essential. We hope this platform will serve as a handy reference of energy storage technologies for energy system modelers and scientists, policy and decision makers, public who are interested in energy storages, so as to facilitate their energy systems analysis, decision making or simply a better understanding about energy storage technologies.

How you can contribute and help us to improve this platform

We are a team of a few scientists so we understand there might be limitations of our work or information that we are not aware of. Therefore we are open for discussion and we are highly interested in your knowledge on energy storage technologies. If there is any information provided on this platform that you disagree with or you have better quality of data, please feel free to contact us (xiaojin.zhang@psi.ch). Your insights will help us to improve the information on this platform, and when you contribute a significant effort in reviewing our data, we could also include you as a reviewer on our platform as a credit for your valuable contribution.


The work has been carried out by the funding support from The Swiss Competence Centre for Energy Research for Storage of Heat and Electricity (SCCER-HaE) and Energy System Integration (ESI) Platform, PSI